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The love of wood has never stopped for centuries.  Man used wood as material for building houses and making furniture since early days. 


There are a lot of wood species.  Besides the Cherry, which got its big name because of President Washington, there available, the Maple, Bird's Eye Maple, Beech, and a lot more.  Each piece of wood is unique in its characteristics according to different species, affecting by factors such as origin, soil and weather conditions.  In addition, selection from different part of the tree, different method of cutting will also bring  different effect on wood veneers affecting wood grain and other special characteristics, enabling wood veneers a rich and fancy material in interior decoration.


In modern interior design and furniture industry, wood veneer is not simply a building material, but decorating element in order to obtain a perfect synthesis of shape, colour and space.  The need for colour and shape co-ordination has emerged.  Thanks to the advance technology, a full range of colour spectrum is added to the traditional yellow-brown wood colour of wood veneers, enhancing various special wood grain, texture and unique characteristics.


As a reputable and reliable source that blend wood texture in different colour and pattern, matching with the parquet flooring that makes an ordinary home, restaurant, office, or hotel interior extraordinary. 
The evolution of wood...the love of wood...harmony of wood....wood veneers and wood flooring
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